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As an experienced and highly qualified independent business financial consultant, Laura Danks, LLC provides advisory services to help clients achieve greater success.

Laura Danks

Laura Danks,  Principal

Based in Colorado, Laura  (known as Laurie by colleagues and friends) has nearly 30 years of experience in financial roles, for a variety of organizations in a broad range of business sectors.

Laura has served as the Chief Financial Officer for several well-known firms, including Aspen Skiing Company, Leslie Rudd Investment Co., and more recently, Paradise Bakery & Cafe, Inc. which was subsequently acquired by Panera Bread. During the acquisition process, Laura played a critical role in supporting the due diligence and integration requirements of both firms, to ensure a successful transition and outcome.

Having graduated in August 1978 Summa Cum Laude, Laura completed the Bachelor of Business Administration program at the University of Texas, in Austin, TX. She received her Certified Public Accounting certificate in June 1979.

Laura brings an honest and practical approach to the work environment, working diligently to build trust while consistently delivering on what is promised. She is dedicated to the principles of integrity, clarity in communication, and ‘adding value’ as opportunities arise. With a genuine compassion for people, her caring manner is reinforced by a persistent focus on goal setting and the necessary actions required when delivering meaningful and measurable results.



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